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Hugs are magic. They never fail to improve your mood, no matter whether you're having the best or worst day ever – a hug will always make it better.


To celebrate our love of hugs, we've created Big Hugs and Little Hugs. They are built for one thing and one thing only: hugging! They'll hug you, each other, the cat, anyone... they're just hugging machines.


Maybe there's someone in your life who could use a hug right now, so why not make Big Hugs and Little Hugs and send one to that special person? Big or little, doesn't really matter – all hugs count!


Inside the kit, you will find everything you need to make your very own Big Hugs and Little Hugs, including step-by-step instructions and:


  • Sewing needle
  • 4 x pins
  • White and black thread
  • Pre-cut felt pieces
  • Stuffing


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