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Hello there! It’s lovely to meet you…

I’m Michele, the founder and owner of Pins & Needles. Thanks for stopping by. I’m guessing that if you’re here, you’d like to know a little more about us, so here goes!

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The mission

To give every Pins & Needles kid the “I made this” feeling. The satisfaction of creating something and then being able to parade it in front of friends and family is not to be underestimated.

How we got started...

Pins & Needles began as a side hustle. My ‘real’ job of 20-odd years as a graphic designer on newsstand magazines had started to look precarious.


I’d always had a passion for making stuff and sewing was something that I had done a LOT as a child. The primary school my kids went to had a lot of sporty after school clubs but not much for the creatively-inclined, so I decided to try running a sewing club.


At first, I taught just two after school sessions, which were a nice, manageable distraction from the day job. But the more time I spent with the children, the more I noticed the look of satisfaction on their faces as they marched out of a session with a teddy bear, penguin, poo emoji or whatever project they had completed. It struck me that maybe I was onto something here.


That penny dropped in 2018. Fast forward to today and Pins & Needles is now bringing the joy, calm and skill of sewing to more than 400 children across 16 schools in South West London. Pretty wild, right? I can confidently say: sewing is a thing.



We maintain a maximum ratio of eight children to one teacher in our clubs to make sure that everyone gets the help and attention they need in a safe setting.


Using real pins and needles (no plastic substitutes) even little kids can learn all the basic skills of hand sewing. Their creative journey begins with: how to thread a needle.


Children in our sessions quickly learn that once they have the basic skills mastered, the can let their creativity loose. One of the most satisfying things about being a Pins & Needles teacher is seeing that confidence and independent thinking grow.



We have a wide range of sewing projects that allow us to cater for all abilities. One thing we’ve learned is that age has little to do with sewing skill… there have been some genuine ‘wow!’ moments when our youngest sexists show us what they can do.


Sewing is a very social pastime and it’s a wonderful way for children to unwind after a busy day in the classroom. Holiday plans, Bake Off and Strictly, upcoming birthday parties… you name it, we cover it off at sewing club.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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